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Event Detail

Class of 78 Reunion


The event will take place on May 5th 2018, from the Beautiful Downtown Bridge City Community Center (The BCCC) from 7 pm to midnight!   We have rented the Center from 4 - to Midnight to allow for set-up and clean up.   The cost is $500 deposit and $100 fee for the 8 hours.  Kirk Ellender has agreed to be our local contact in BC so that we can get the discounted rate, so special thanks to him as well.

Immediate needs:  Please let anyone and everyone you know from our class know about the event as all I have is old e-mails and perhaps old snail mail addresses to contact those that we notified last time.  Frankly, I do not have time to send out address and send out snail mail, and e-mail may go to spam - so I am relying on this space to get the word out.  I will also ask Frank Scales to post it on the BCHS Alumni page.

The organization committee, yes there is one, has decided that music by DJ instead of band will probably be best since, a dj will allow for different types of music to played, takes less setup and tear down time; it is easier to control volume when we are eating, want to chat etc - plus it is more likely, cheaper.   Please let me Kristi Jordan Panahi, Kirk Ellender, Jody Dunivant, know if you know of anyone that you have heard and think would do a good job - keeping in mind that we will want a wide diversity of music as well as those classics from 1977-1978 - (  and   Food we are trying to decide between a sitdown meal like last time (we could start the event a little earlier) or finger foods.   We would like to keep our business with BC folks and restaurants to help out again in the Harvey recovery.  Speaking of Harvey, first I hope all of you impacted are well on your way to recovering, mindful that a lot of you may have suffered economically from the storm we are hoping to keep the costs of going down, so you and your spouse, significant others etc can attend. We will get bids on food, entertainment other expenses.  I understand we have a small reserve from our last gathering which we hope to use towards the remainder of the deposit we need for the center, the BC police officer we are required to have present  and down payments for reserving food providers and entertainment.   In addition to Kirk, we will need BC residents we can rely on for on-the-ground types of errands.  If you are interested in helping please PM me here or at with phone numbers and e-mails.   

Please know that other than our date, nothing is set in stone and all suggestions are appreciated AND considered.  Our drop dead date for the BCCC is April 23rd and I would hope to have food and entertainment finalized by March 31st.

I am excited about seeing you all - and hope you feel the same.  I know in speaking with Kristi and Kirk recently, it was just like we had spoken yesterday.  We were, and are, a special class that has always transcended our differences and focused on the mutual love, respect and affection we hold for each others - I trust we will continue on.  I am honored to part of such a group and can't wait to see each of you again in a place I am still proud to call my hometown.   Love you all!  BKT

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