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Thank you to past and present sponsors


Some of our latest supporters...
Darrell Segura (Class of 1967) From the BCHS Class Of 1967 (50th Reunion) in memory of those classmates who have passed before us
Yvonne Bigler (Class of 1966)
Katherine McRight Smith (Class of 1972)
Mary Parker Jennings (Class of 1967)
Mary Chaney Morgan (Class of 1967)
O'Neil McGilbery (Class of 1964)
Jeanne Wood-Kern (Faculty)
Patty Collins (Class of 1980)
Lady Ellen Clark (Class of 1961)
Kim Davis Kiihnl (Class of 1981)
Shirley Belsha Griffen
Pete McRae (Class of 1959)
Larry Hamilton (Class of 1961)
Jodel Johnson Pickett (Class of 1967)
Mike Jeter (Class of 1977)
Larry Lawson (Class of 1963)
Jerry Meeks (Class of 1973)
Sherry Reynolds (Class of 1965)
Stephan Van Pelt (Class of 1971)
Warren Ducote (Class of 1969)
Marilyn Joe Bailey-McKeown (Class of 1968)
James Arnold (Class of 1977)
Lady Ellen M. (Winters) Clark (Class of 1961)
Walter Harris (Class of 1962)
Shirley Stout Harmes (Class of 1965)
Toney Mulhollan (Class of 1977)
Kathy Springfield (Class of 1980)
Kellie Mason Meaux (Class of 1980)
Shirley Reynolds (Class of 1965)
Oma Cox (Class of 1974)
Wendi Neely Robinson (Class of 1984)
Velda Phelps Wasson (Class of  )
Francis Lindstrom (Class of 1962)
Kenneth Franklin (Class of 1967)
Celeste Tanner Cox (Class of 1963)
Linda Tisdale Harris (Class of 1965)
Some of our past supporters. Thank you.

In memory of these class of 1963 graduates: Joel Jeffcoat, Ben Hare, Evelyn Latiolis, Dwayne Johnson. Bryan Whitson, Jim Walden, David Elam, Lawrence Gamble, Arthur Garcia, Johnny Cobb

Shana Higginbotham-Wimberley (Class of 1995) On behalf of my Great Grandmother, Edna Tony Dartez whom attended school in Bridge City when it was still Prairie View. And my grandparents, Johnny Bendy and Earnie Dartez Bendy.  Also to my sisters:  Keisha Higginbotham and Seneca Sickles.

Carla Poisel (Class of 1966)
Theresa Nelson (Class of 1971)
Dorothy Pledger (Class of 1963)
Cheryl Williams Meeks (Class of 1975)
Yvonne Bigler-Breaux (Class of 1966)
Larry Hamilton (Class of 1961)
Mary Morgan-Chaney (Class of 1967)
Johnny Miller (Class of 1967)
Deb Petty (Class of 1973)
Katherine McRight-Smith (Class of 1972)
Melissa King (Class of 1977)
Patty Collins (Class of 1980)
Johnny Williams (Class of 1970)
Dr. Roger Harvey (Class of 1964)
Tom Fischer (Class of 1967)
Susan Scales (Class of 1976)
Wendi Robinson (Class of 1984)
Linda (Parker) Koonce (Class of 1967)
Mike Collins (Class of 1976)
Darrell Segura (Class of 1967)
Mark Darder (Class of 1976)
Barron Vincent (Class of 1977)
Gary Miller (Class of 1979)
Raylene Terrell (Class of 1961)
Rex Moran (Class of 1966)

Bridge City Alumni Association - In Honor of All BC Alumni

Pete McRae (Class of 1959)
Larry Ducote (Class of 1960)
Brenda Ward-Rakestraw (Class of 1960)

Lady Ellen M. Winters-Clark (Class of 1961) and Gerald Clark

(Saint Mary s Orange, Class 1958) Donation in honor of Bridge City Class of 1961

Larry Hamilton (Class of 1961)
Virginia Taylor-Isom (Class of 1961)
Raylene McKinney-Terrell (Class of 1961)
Karen Waddell-DuBose (Class of 1962)
Frances Sanderlin-Lindstrom (Class of 1962)
Deanie Howard-Berry (Class of 1963)
David Crim (Class of 1963)
Larry Lawson (Class of 1963)
Bob (Bobby) Walton (Class of 1963)
Deana Plagens-Brown (Class of 1964)
Roger B-Harvey (Class of 1964)

Brad Lapeyrolerie (Class of 1964)

In Memory of their sons Brad, Jr (Class of 1987)

& James (Class of 1988)

Sharron Rachal-Rollins (Class of 1964)
Brenda Compton-Lapeyrolerie (Class of 1965)
Donald Rascoe (Class of 1965)
Sherry Reynolds (Class of 1965)
Laura Keith (Class of 1966)
Alton D Lindstrom (Class of 1966)
Rex Moran (Class of 1966)
Glen Prince (Class of 1966)
Ron Rollins (Class of 1966)
Tom Fischer (Class of 1967)
Alice Cole-Hartsfield (Class of 1967)
Mikel Jaynes (Class of 1967)
Mary Parker-Jennings (Class of 1967)
Johnny Miller (Class of 1967)

Mary Chaney-Morgan (Class of 1967)

In Honor of The Class of 1967

Douglas Schell (Class of 1967)
Darrell Segura (Class of 1967)
Ella Saltzman-Stuebing (Class of 1967)

Walter Wilson (Class of 1967)

Walt & Sharon (McKusker) Wilson, Class of '67

Jerry Park (Class of 1968)
Warren Ducote (Class of 1969)
Michael Hein (Class of 1969)
Denise (Cricket) Hall-Jacob (Class of 1969)
Leah Long-Johansson (Class of 1969)
Lonnie (Jim) Wallace (Class of 1969)
Jan Jenkins (Class of 1970)
Katherine McRight-Smith (Class of 1972)

David Mire (Class of 1973)

In Memory of Terry & Steve Pulliam. Gone but not forgotton

Debbie Collins-Petty (Class of 1973)

in Honor of all the Collins siblings & cousins who gave it their best at BCHS!

David Truncale (Class of 1973)
Cheryl Earles (Class of 1974)
Patricia Tonkovich-Hitch (Class of 1974)
Donald Steve-Trevino (Class of 1974)
Pamela Wagner-Canizales (Class of 1975)
Lisa Long Woodruff-Hinds (Class of 1975)
Cheryl Williams-Meeks (Class of 1975)
Tim Roubique (Class of 1975)
Michael Collins (Class of 1976)
Mark Darder (Class of 1976) In Memory of Janet Patton Braus
Robyn Barnes-Smith (Class of 1976)
Robert Willeby (Etheridge) (Class of 1976)
Keith Arnold (Class of 1977)
Tim Cagle (Class of 1977)
Paula Foreman-Castille (Class of 1977)
An anonymous and proud member of the Class of 77 (Class of 1977)
Leigh Cummings-DuBose (Class of 1977) in memory of Howard Harvey
David Fults (Class of 1977)
Mike Jeter (Class of 1977)
Nancy Boumans-Lamson (Class of 1977)
April Gauthier-Porterfield (Class of 1977)
Frank Scales (Class of 1977)
Missy Flowers-Smith (Class of 1977)
John Trevino (Class of 1977) In Remembrance

Janet Thomas-Warner (Class of 1977)

In Honor of all of those we've lost and Barbara Thomas, my mother, my best friend

Jody Dunivant (Class of 1978)
Chris Stelly (Class of 1978)
Karyn LeBlanc-Trantham (Class of 1978)
Cindy McRight-Yates (Class of 1978)
Sharlena Goodyear-Duhon (Class of 1979)
Johnny King (Class of 1979)
Gary Miller (Class of 1979)
David Ball (Class of 1980)
Patty Collins (Class of 1980)
Brenda Swan-Edwards (Class of 1980)
Jeffrey Hubert (Class of 1980)
Donna Stone-Johnson (Class of 1980)
Bryan Foreman (Class of 1981)
Adam Hollier (Class of 1981)
Colleen Caillouet-Owens (Class of 1981)
Jodie Scales-Chau (Class of 1982)

Daneen Kaufman-Eller (Class of 1983)

In honor of all the Warren kids who stomped the halls of BCHS and will in the future.

Teri Brown-Goodwin (Class of 1983)
Trent Hebert (Class of 1984)
Stacey Barclay-Richardson (Class of 1984)
Lisa Brown-Shoop (Class of 1984)
Ann Lieby (Class of 1985)
Asa Minchew (Class of 1985)
Dawn Fisette-Arispe (Class of 1986) and the Entire Class of 1986
Dana Griner-Leger (Class of 1986)
David Marks (Class of 1987)
Angela Belt-Brandt (Class of 1989)
Shanna North-Morton (Class of 1990)
Carla Rose (Class of 1990)
Malinda Faulk-Boudreaux (Class of 1991)
Alice Puckett-Grimes (Class of 1991)
Josette Broadway-Taylor (Class of 1991)
Kara Rutledge-Hagen (Class of 1993)
Mande Bonnin-Crump (Class of 1994)
Shannon Hatton-Federoff (Class of 1994)
Chad Fisette (Class of 1994)
Tonya Opry-Davidson (Class of 1995)

Joy Hewitt-Peace (Class of 1996)

In memory of my dad, Yancey Hewitt

Jeffrey Norris (Class of 1997)
Dustin James Guarnere (Class of 1999)
Bill Dixon (Faculty)
Leah Long-Johansson (Faculty)
Jeanne Wood-Kern (Faculty)
H.N."Moe" Litton (Faculty)
Jeanne Van Breemen (Faculty)
Linda Windham (Faculty)
Sharon Woolley (Faculty)


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