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Spotlight - Coach Moe Litton

A special thanks to Coach Litton for taking the time for this interview for the Alumni web site.

When did you start teaching, and where?

I started teaching and coaching  at Hemphill High School Jan. 1 1954.

When did you start teaching at BC?

I started Teaching in Bridge City Aug 1 1965

How have things changed since you began teaching.  

When I began teaching there were no movies or any other kind of visual help except what a teacher could draw on the blackboard. No air conditioned buildings. All the doors to the gym were locked with a common lock and one key would open everything,everyone in town it seemed had one of those keys.
Today the buildings are air conditioned and unlimited visual aids. I would compare it to the wright Bros. and the Stealth Bomber.

Most memorable moments at BCHS?

Most memorable moment April 26,1986. The roast of Moe Litton.
 "One Moe Time" high school Cafeteria. over 400 friends and ex-students gave me a night I shall never forget.

When did you retire from BCHS?

I retired July 1 1988

What are you doing these days?

I went to work for the Orthopaedic Center of Lake Charles July 2 1988.
I am still employed by that group today.

Any advice for students?

My advice to students today is same as in 1954. The teacher is not as dumb as you think and you are not as sharp as your Momma tells you.

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