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Spotlight - Lee Beaumont

Thanks to Lee for taking some time out of his schedule to chat with us.

Your Bio says you grew up in Houston and then moved to Bridge City.

My family was living in Houston and my father received a transfer to Saudi Arabia. He did not want to take the entire family overseas so we moved near my mother’s parents who were long-time residents of Bridge City. We also had extended family in Groves and Port Neches.

Most memorial moments In Bridge City

I have many fond memories of living in Bridge City. One of my favorites is when I was on the Cross Country in high school on more than one occasion rather than running we would go swim in Cow Bayou. Of course we got eventually got caught! By playing sports I learned the basics of weight lifting, running, and general physical fitness which I still use today. I can still recall some of the coaches’ speeches which I cannot repeat here!
Overall the most memorable thing would be all the great people I met and befriended during my High School years.

Did a teacher or person in BC influence the course of your life?…, one teacher I remember is Leah Johansson. We were just rowdy kids giving her a hard time in class, but she put up with us anyway and somehow we learned a few things. Her husband’s pharmacy also sponsored the first volleyball team I played on – The Jungle Cats (all BC grads). I got hooked on the sport and played for many years which greatly influenced my personal and professional development.

What are some of the differences between 1987 and today? What are some of the different challenges students are facing?
Yes, I think they do face different challenges. In my opinion the new ‘normal’ is going to be a more competitive marketplace, fewer good jobs, more applicants for those jobs, and the need to have more of a understanding of how the world economy works. It is far more important for graduates to master a 2nd or 3rd language as well as being able to ‘think on your feet’.. When our parents grew up a high school diploma could get you a good job. In the 80’s, it was a Bachelor’s, and now it seems a Master’s degree is becoming the norm. I also think it is very important for today’s high school student to excel in school and extracurricular activities in hopes of landing a scholarship to help combat the rising cost of higher education. Taking online courses, AP courses, and dual enrollment during high school are key things that allow students to obtain an education without incurring massive student loans.

Another challenge today’s student face is online social media. They must be very careful about what they post online because it could come back to haunt them later in life. We did not have those worries back in the 80’s as our pictures did not last forever in cyberspace.

What common thread do you see in students who are succeeding?
The students that seem to do the best are those with an internal drive. It is hard to explain but these students want to be part of something bigger than themselves and have a desire to make their mark in life. They also possess discipline to keep themselves fit physically, mentally, and spiritually. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds, but they share these common traits.

Another common theme is most have a mentor of some type whether that was a parent, friend, teacher, or a coach that helped them along. I think it is very important for successful individuals to give back to the younger generation, spend time with them, groom them, and help them develop their skills. A little attention and advice can go a long way in the development of a young person.

Do you make it back to BC or keep in touch with anyone?
Yes I do. My mother still lives in Bridge City, one of my sisters owns Optometry businesses in Bridge City and Orange, and I have another sister living in Groves as well. I manage to keep in contact with many individuals I went to school with through media such as Facebook. I make it back to BC around once every two years or so to visit family.

Lee Beaumont Bio

Born in Port Arthur to Sam and Karyn Beaumont. Lived in Groves, Houston, and moved to BC as a Sophomore graduating in 1987.

Undergrad work at Texas A&M in Biomedical science. Played on the Men’s Volleyball team 1988- 1992

Grad work at Lamar University in Biology
Taught anatomy and physiology as a Teaching Assistant. Received a Sigma Xi grant for my graduate research

Coached women’s collegiate volleyball at Lamar for two years, Cleveland State University for 2 years, and Lake Erie College (OH) for 2 years. Announced Women’s Collegiate Volleyball for the Big South Conference for the Flames Television Network for three years.

Worked in College Admissions at Bryant and Stratton College (OH), Lake Erie College (OH), and St. Andrews Presbyterian College (NC).

I started at Liberty in 2000 in the External Degree program which then became Distance Learning Program, and now is LU Online. I was over all the administrative functions of the department as the Director of Administrative Affairs. I moved to Auxiliary Services about 5 years ago and now serve in the capacity as Vice President.. Supervise the bookstore, food service, two University owned for-profit shopping centers, University post office, warehouse/fulfillment, club sports (32 teams), student activities, intramurals, printing services, transit, vending (snack & drink), 6,00 acres of mountain property, deal with environmental issues related to our construction projects, and all recreational facilities.

Most interesting project --- I spearheaded the project for the first snowless year-round ski park in North America.

Have taught online courses in Ecology, Biology, and Chemistry at Bryant & Stratton College Online (NY), and Grand Canyon University (AZ).

Married to Carrie Y Beaumont, M.D. No Kids.

I have served on the Greater Lynchburg Transit Board of Directors (the local transit company) since 2007

Member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas

I spend my free time training for and competing in triathlons.

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