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Spotlight - David Barfield


We had the honor of talking with BC Class of 71's David Barfield and discovered his love for his hometown, what inspired him to choose his career path, and his amazing ability at Photography.


High School: Family moved to BC in the fall of 1967 when I was a freshman.  Due to familial circumstances, we left Southeast Louisiana for Orange.  Instead of Stark High School, we attended Little Cypress High School.  After six weeks, my sisters and brother along with myself told our parents we were not happy and wished to find another school.  That is how we arrived at BC.  I truly believe I could not have come to a better school and community.  The move had a lifelong impact on my life setting my direction of an avocation and pairing me with the love of my life.


College: Attended Sam Houston State University because of Coach H.N. (Moe) Litton.  This man will never know how much a role he played in not only my life but that of our children.   At SHSU, I worked as a student trainer for the athletic teams.  Once I graduated, I began my career as an athletic trainer.


Work History: For the first two years, I taught and worked as an athletic trainer at Willis High School.  Then with the help of Coach Litton, I was hired at Barbers Hill ISD where I remained until retirement. While at BH, I was worked at several different levels and participated in many areas of school life.  Some highlights: 1) Began the athletic training programs at both Willis and Barbers Hill.  I was the first full time trainer at both schools.  2) Worked as the trainer at Barbers Hill until 1989.  3) I gave up the athletic training position to spend more time with my wife and 2 sons.  4) I served several years as the social studies department chair at the high school.  5) I became a UIL Academic coach for the Current Issues and Events team.  During my time, the BH CE&I teams won district every year.  My teams also won regional championships as well as team and individual state championships. 6) My wife and I sponsored a travel club at BH taking students throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand over the years.


The desire to serve in public schools began while I was at Bridge City.   The school had so many different programs, activities and clubs.  And the success of all the activities was because of the school personnel. 


Photography: My passion for photography began while I was running a sports website.  I was publishing a sports website covering the athletic teams at the high school.  Wanting my site to be more complete, I began an attempt of capturing action shots for my website.  With my only camera experience being the use of point-and-shoot cameras, I began a continuing self taught program of photography.  My photography skills evolved over time.  Photography has provided me with an always challenging experience.  It has opened doors to many new experiences and opportunities. I currently do some free lance work for the athletic department at Sam Houston State University.


Retirement:  I currently live in Elkins Lake in Huntsville.  Besides my work for the University, I occasionally will do some free lance work for the local newspaper.  Though I have had photo job opportunities while in retirement, I prefer my current life and schedule.  Mostly I play golf and enjoy other aspects of life.

Family:  I married Neda Dumas who graduated from Bridge City High School also in 1971. We have two sons who have made us very proud parents. Jason is the Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations at Sam Houston State University. He and his wife Patty have 2 children, Kenna and Ryan. Our youngest son Drew is the Assistant Director for Intramural Sports at the University of Texas at Arlington. He and his wife Julie have a daughter, Caroline.


Davids comments about the photopgraphs:


I began photography late in my life when I wanted to enhance my high school sports website for Barbers Hill.  So high school sports was the impetus in getting me involved with photography.  I expanded into wildlife photography because they were readily available subjects where I could hone my skills.  Hummingbirds in particular helped me.  I shoot everything either hand-held or using a monopod.  Trying to catch hummingbirds taught me to steady my hold, learn to watch and anticipate the hummingbirds movements.  Exactly as one has to do in sports photography.  Eventually, photography opened venues and events I never envisioned.  Such as photographing the homecoming of a soldier being greeted by his family.  Sharing my learned skill defines my photo work.


If you care to see these in high-resolution, David has provided this link:


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