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Spotlight - Danny Jaynes

When Danny Jaynes' name was suggested, and highly recommended to be featured here on the BC Alumni Website I have to admit, because I graduated a few years later, I hadn't heard of Danny. But after an initial e-mail or two, I got the sense that he's passionate about what he and his wife do together, and has a great capacity for helping people. For this feature, we forgo the standard question and answer, and let Danny's words speak for themselves.

Danny and Sue Jaynes were both raised in Texas.  They met while in high school, Danny at Bridge City High and Sue at Orangefield High and were married shortly after graduation in 1972.  Danny joined the U.S. Air Force, which took he and Sue to Thailand for a year in 1973-74.  While in Thailand, Danny was given opportunity to sing for the U.S. Airforce and traveled into the Philippines as well as Taiwan.  Shortly after arriving back in the U.S., Danny and Sue joined the Allandale Baptist Church and served in several leadership positions until leaving to assist Dr. Buddy Hicks in  planting a non-denominational church closer to their home in Leander Texas.  After serving as deacon and elder for several years, Danny was eventually ordained as Associate Pastor. 

Sue worked as a medical assistant until their first daughter was born, while Danny worked in the insurance business.  Their first missions endeavor was in the late 80's when they traveled to Reynosa Mexico to assist Calvary Commission in erecting an orphanage in memory of the children of the late Keith Green. For several years the entire Jaynes family, which included their daughters Heather, Lark and son Micah, would use Spring Break as a time to return to Reynosa to assist in the running of the orphanage.   These were times when their family was exposed to the need to reach out to those living in poverty conditions. 

In 1996 and 97', Sue  joined a mission team to Zacatecas Mexico and Danny was invited to join a team that would be ministering in Moscow Russia.  It was during these trips that convictions of full time missionary work started being birthed in both Danny and Sue's hearts.  In 1997 the decision was made to leave the insurance business and role as Associate Pastor and go full time as a foreign  missionary.  In April of 1998 they started working in Ghana W. Africa.  Their main focus in Ghana Africa is to plant national missionaries in remote, Muslim villages in the north of the country.  Sue's medical training is the primary door they use for entrance into these villages with Sue seeing upwards of 150 people per day.  They have developed a method of building huts to leave national missionaries in these villages using plastic bags, chicken wire and cement.  They use their laptop computer to translate Christian movies into the languages of these remote villages.

A personal note I received from Danny

"I often preach on the Karate Kid and how his instructor was teaching him Karate the whole time he was painting a fence and waxing cars without his knowledge he was being taught karate.  I think that is how life is for many of us.  The secret is not to quit.  Certainly my parents, brothers, coaches and friends all had a part in helping me get to where I am today.  I do not feel I have arrived, but know I am on the right path.  I was looking at some of the pictures on your web page today and was reminded of Mrs.Wood’s input into my life.  I have such fond memories of her and her classes, and I try weekly to put into practice some of the things she taught me on being a good communicator."

If you care to write Danny, he can be reached via email at

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